put quite simply, gilles kicks ass. he's terribly underrated. i'll grant you that he didn't have the right voice or look to play roger--but he did a pretty good job anyway... and, his mark was wonderful... there are far too many anthony and adam groupies for my liking--no one was able to recognize that gilles had(has) just as much (if not more) talent as they do... so, anyway... gilles was with rent from the begining, appearing in the enesemble of the 1994 studio production. gilles was also in the ensemble of rent on broadway--he played steve, the waiter and the squegieman. he also understudied mark and roger. his first performance as mark was on july 14, 1996 and his first roger was on april 15, 1997. he played mark countless times but was roger only 5 times--if i remember correctly. (that'd be april 15, july 11, july 12(eve), aug 3(mat), aug 3(eve) )gilles left rent on august 15, 1997 to join the cast of the scarlet pimpernel. he plays armand st. just in that show--which is currently running at the minksoff theatre.

now, unlike some of you other people, i never actually communicated with my "favorite person." try talking to him some time--not easy. he's kinda strange. but, it didn't usually bother me... i like him anyway.

while in rent, gilles was relatively famous for his inability to remember his lines :) that sounds terribly mean... but, it *was* funny... even i have to admit it. so, wanna hear some of those mistakes? check out gilles fucks up rent

and, being the psychotic that i am--i have a wide and random assortment of gilles crap... plenty of gilles pix

some of them were taken when we followed gilles to michigan to see him play freddy in 'chess', others are from rent and pimpernel and some random ones too...

i should throw something in about chess... the show was soooooo good... and, it's the only time i've ever seen 'chess' performed. so, i'm glad that i got a chance to go. yes, we did have to spend about 33 hours in the car to get there and back... yes, a good deal of that car travel was done during hurricane-esqe conditions... yes, we got lost in puxatawney (i just made that spelling up right now) yes, we ended up in a hotel room with a leaking ceiling... yes, we were attacked by creepyboy... but, it was fun--a lot of fun. i'm glad we did that.

so, there are chess and pimp wavs too :)

i don't want to hear anyone making fun of my lovely gilles things...

if you don't agree that he's incredible then keep your comments to yourself!

Gilles Pix

Gilles Wavs

enjoy and be well



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