an old gilles headshot... hysterical. check out the feet--yuck.

a picture of gilles as marius in les miserables

gilles in the 1994 studio production of rent

gilles, christmas eve, 1996

gilles in rent costume at the neder

this can only be called "demonboy"

gilles looking odd in may 97

gilles in march of 97

gilles waving on his way into the theatre

marquis of the cherry county playhouse in michigan

me, jo, catherine, greg, dona and cute actor at a restaurant in muskegon--which would be where gilles is from and where we had to go to see chess...

gilles, looking confused, in michigan

gilles signing a rent book in mi--yes, rent will follow you everywhere

gilles--on crack

gilles after his last show--august 15, 1997

gilles gets attacked when seeing wilson's last show

gilles after the first preview of 'the scarlet pimpernel'

gilles and christine andreas in 'the scarlet pimpernel'

gilles as armand st. just in 'the scarlet pimpernel'

burden me with your misery

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